Should I bring Cash Money? ~ Yes, for Tickets and for Consumables (Food & Drink)
Is there a Bar? ~ Yes, there is a well stocked bar with all forms of beverages
Can I bring my own Alcohol? ~ Not on to the Brenstock Site (see line above) 
Will there be Food? ~ Yes, there's a Hog Roast and a Vegetarian Option (See LOCATION+ Tab)
Is there a Shop? ~ Sadly Brentor does not have a Shop ( Again see LOCATION+ Tab)
Is there Free Parking? ~ Yes, in the field opposite the Village Hall ( Drive and Park Safely)
Will I be under Cover? ~ Devon Weather means we have provided as much cover as possible
Can I leave the site and return later? ~ Yes, you will be provided with a day wristband 
Can I bring my dog? ~ Only if it is an Assist Dog (Guide Dog, Hearing Dog etc)

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Please do not apply to perform in 2021 until late 2020

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